Ways To Make Your House Stand Out

When we have a house we want it to stand out and show off our personality.  This can be done in a variety of different ways and with different levels of success.  The first thing that you need to do is understand the bones of your home.  The bones will give you a basic framework to work from.


The flooring of your home should be the first thing you will consider.  When looking at your floor will you have carpet, hardwood floors or some other material?  When you choose the flooring for your home you will want to consider what the room will be used for as well as the traffic that you will have going in and out as well as who will be using the room.

hardwood floors

Wall covering

The next thing that you will want to do is look at your wall coverings. In the past, people would focus on wallpaper to cover their walls.  Today, many people will turn to paint since it is easier to apply and is more cost effective.  Before applying any paint to your walls, make sure that your flooring is covered and protected.  You don’t want paint dripping on your floors.


The next step is lighting.  You want to have rooms that are bright and cheerful.  If you have a room that is dim, dark and gloomy, people will not want to come in and stay.  If at all possible, try to focus on natural light.  Natural light is easier on the eyes and will give you that extra burst of vitamin C. 

Another area that you can look at is going to be your light fixtures.  The light fixtures can give your room a totally different look and feel.  Adding colored lights or even a dimmer on your lighting will help with pulling your entire room together.